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HP and the OOTP: 7.5 Coffee Beans

Warning, there be not any spoilers in this post, but there is some raving and a little ranting. So if you haven't seen HP and the OOTP, then read on, but you are forewarned. Or just don't click the cut.

So I went to see HP and the OOTP last night. After all of the months of waiting and angsting for this movie, I must say, I'm a little bit disappointed. True, everyone is saying that OOTP is a much darker movie than the earlier ones, but that's understandable. I mean really, the novel form of OOTP is a much darker book than the earlier ones. David Yates and his "cronies" did a pretty good job of condensing the book down into a two hour film format. The SFX were simply stunning; you can really tell that this is a high budget filim (~$200 million). Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, et. al. give their best performances to date, IMHO. Imelda Staunton is simply amazing with her performance as the bitchy yet dimwitted Dolores Umbridge. You can truly see this actress in the way that Rowling sees the novel form of this character.
Okay, so enough raving about the movie. On to the ranting. There really isn't much. Notice how I said above that Yates and his cronies did a good job. I mean that. It was simply a good job. Nothing particularly great about the actual plot points. I feel that there are a few pivotal scenes (which I won't mention) that could have been extended, to give those who haven't read the book a little more insight. Other scenes could have been cut out or shortened. I feel that with a good bit of tweaking, this could have been an excellent movie. Like I said earlier, the SFX are stunning, but they seem to detract from the plot behind the movie. Some of them just seem to be fillers for empty space that Yates couldn't find something to put in, or just to lengthen the movie. Mainly, this has to do with the various daily prophet scenes.
So to sum it up, I've come up with a new rating system, that I'll be using for my movie rants from now on.

On a scale of one to ten coffee beans, I give Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 7.5 coffee beans.


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Jul. 12th, 2007 03:38 pm (UTC)
I actually liked the Daily Prophet scenes. I think, however, the swooshing shots could have been shortened to get more of the story in. Story wise, book five got the shortest end of the stick yet.

I'm still not sure I like what these directors are doing with Dunbledor. He's not supposed to be so...emotional. And he's really not that bad in the movie, but...something bugs me.

My very first complaint about the movie while watchig it was Mrs. Figg. I didn't like that casting job.

Umbridge was amazing and evil.
Jul. 17th, 2007 06:49 pm (UTC)
I really feel that this movie was simply a transitional movie into #6. The problem is that the books keep getting longer, but they keep trying to cram them into the same movie time slot. Personally, I think that they should just start making 4 hour movies! LOL! I know I'd see it still.
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