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Homecoming Weekend!

So I'm not going to go into the gory details of this weekend, as most of you who'll read this entry were actually there. However, it was fun filled and bittersweet. Sure, some drama happened Saturday night with the bowling and the stuff, but all things worked out. Overall I would have to say that all of us had a great, if sleep-deprived, time. Camping with my boys was absolutely awesome, even though we couldn't scream between the tents like we did last year (damn you Mariposa). Sure, there were times where we got dampified, especially for those poor souls who didn't sleep in their car Saturday night/ Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon was awesome, what with the football and the CuddleFest on the new campus centre couches and the glorious HDTV in the CC. Oh BTW, the new campus centre design is FTW!!!! It looks like a Hilton lobby when you first walk in, but it grows on you. So much so that I kind wish that we had that CC when we were there. But I wouldn't trade the old one for anything because of the Plateau.

Now that I've said all that, I must say that only three things were missing that would have made this an absolutely perfect weekend. DM Farley, Wes and MISS KA'RLA!!!
I MISS MISS KA'RLA! Alas, we shall see each other soon and OH SUCH FUN WILL THERE BE!

the monkees - I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone

Quite possibly my favorite Monkees song EVAR

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Davy Jones

You're always the first to jump in to defend a friend, especially if you get the chance to throw a few punches. You're a bit of a spark-plug, although sometimes more than a little over-eager. You crave praise and attention, but most of the time you probably deserve it. You're very good-looking and have great taste in clothes. The opposite sex tends to be drawn to you, which is fine to a point, although sometimes it gets on your nerves. You enjoy teasing people, but you're also the first to laugh when someone teases you. Then again, it's all fun and games till someone gets hurt. You've got a temper you need to keep in check, but your friends know you're the "Second" they want in their corner. You like to tell stories and entertain people, and you've proved that being a people-person isn't learned, it's a talent.

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Great Minds Think Alike

Conversation betwixt Leslie and me this morning.

Leslie:  Hold please.
Me: k
Me: holding ::monkees elevator music plays::
Me: "We here at Leslie Corp appreciate your call. Please stay on the line and your call will be answered in the order it was received."
Leslie:  You call has been received. Please speak.
Me: I have a complaint. Your corporation is taking over the world and I don't appreciate it.
Leslie:  I, as a representative of Leslie Corp would like you, as a friend and ally of Leslie Corp, to know that you have been accounted for in the final renderings of the plan. You will set up comfortably with ownership not only of the Buffalo Sabres but also most of Canada and the NHL.
Me: Oh, I  like that.
Me: You can keep Quebec.
Leslie:  I knew you would.
Leslie:  Quebec can become a prisoner's colony.
Me: I can see the slogan now. Quebec: The New Australia. But we speak French.

Today quote

So I'm currently watching the Today show whilst getting ready for work/school. One of the segments is about a US submarine that sank in the midst of WWII. It was lost for 65 years, and just recently found on the bottom of the Pacific. Anyway, the reporter describes the wreckage as "broken and scattered, like a board game that ended angrily." All I can think of is HoughtonScrabble. Or someone dropping a banana onto said board. I laffed and laffed and laffed some more.

LOLCatz: Part II

More LOLcatz for your ocular pleasures.

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The Day After Tomorrow

Favourite quotes from the movie. In one scene, three people are debating which books to burn to stay warm, and thus, alive.

Librarian: Friedrich Nietzsche? We can't burn that! He's one of the most important thinkers in the nineteenth century!
Girl: Please! Nietzsche was a chauvinist pig who was in love with his sister.
Librarian: He was NOT a chauvinist pig.
Girl: But he was in love with his sister!
Boy: Uh, excuse me, guys? Yeah, we got a whole section on tax laws down here we can burn!

In other news, I'm seriously considering buying tickets to the first pre-season Sabres game on Friday night.

Bandwagon Jumping

"But moooooooooom! Everyone else is taking the career thingy!!!!"

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Death by comma

Gerg and I having another conversation

Greg: it's asian for blathe
Mike: which we all know means, to bluff
Greg (one second later): which, as we all know, means to bluff
Mike: HA
Greg: only because I used correct punctuation
Mike: At, least, I'm, not, like Leslie, who puts, commas, every,where, she c,an!
Greg: death by comma!

I love you leslie, it's in good f,un ;-)!

Stuffness (inspired by coffee)

So things are going rather well here in balmy Buffalo. I'm going to classes (ugh) and doing research (more ugh) but it will all be worth it in the end. Found out a week ago that I also got a new fellowship, which rocks and will look good on my resume. So lets see here, missing my Houghtonites, as usual, but UB friends are cool too. I've got maybe two years left in school and I have an idea of what I wish to do when I'm done. Hopefully I'll be teaching at a small college in NY or working in industry in either Hamilton ON or Toronto. So yeah. Things are looking up, now it's just a matter of finishing the degree and finding a company that will hire me so I can get permanent residency in canada. Two years and waiting. Until then, I'm having fun and drinking coffee.

NOTICE: Due to the demise of yahoo photos, I started using picasa/Google for my photo sharing needs a while back. I just uploaded like 3 new photo albums (roughly 260 photos) last night. Feel free to take a gander if ya wish.
My Picasa Photos